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Real Estate Specialists in offering secure, high-yield investments in prime locations across the EU.

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Trusted Specialists

Creating value for customers is the surest way to create some for yourself.

Our business has been built by referrals of happy clients. We are committed to their success by providing tailored solutions designed to fulfill their investment goals.


Xeon enables investors to build a secure financial future.

Our specialists excel in delivering safe, high-yielding property investments. Increasing the value, performance and yield of clients investments while saving them time and money.

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Complete Investment Services

From profitable single-properties to high performing portfolios and funds

Strategy. We work with our clients to create profitable investment strategies to meet their individual aims.

Tax. Understanding tax is crucial to building a successful property portfolio.

Aims. We work with investors and developers to understand their individual investment situation and develop the best strategy.

Gearing. Bank gearing can maximise performance, minimises taxation and bring the best long term benefits to investors.

Advisory. Successful investment needs trusted advisers who can guide you on your specific investment situation.

Experience. We use our experience and expertise to connect our clients with tailor-made opportunities.

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“We have used Xeon to source early stage investors for our developments across the UK. We have been very pleased with the level of support given in particular and the results have exceeded our expectations. We had no hesitation in recommending the service to friends.”

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